Monday, August 30, 2010

Helen Simonson

“But I must ask you, do you really understand what it means to be in love with an unsuitable woman?”
“My dear boy,” said the Major. “Is there really any other kind?”
Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, 203

She hurried down the driveway and as she disappeared, blue dress into deep night, he knew he was a fool. Yet at that moment, he could not find a way to be a different man.
Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, 266

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eoin Colfer

In honor of the new Artemis Fowl book, The Atlantis Complex, that came out this week, here are a few quotes from previous books. Taken all together, I noticed they are very character driven, so if you haven't read the books, they might not do much for you. But I think they're dang funny!

From Artemis Fowl:
“Whatever was coming, it would be bad. He was certain. He was absolutely right.” 221-22
“Juliet was safe for the moment, but Holly had taken her place on the endangered-individuals list.” 228

From AF: The Arctic Incident:
“The manservant tried to look innocent, but his facial muscles couldn’t quite pull it off.” 104
“Commander Root was smarter than he looked. Then again, it would be almost impossible not to be.” 211

From AF: The Lost Colony:
“Mulch checked the vehicle’s cooler and was delighted to find sim-chicken and nettle beer. He liberated both.” 37
“On his face, a smile looked like the first symptom of a disease.” 260

From AF: The Eternity Code:
“The sarcasm made a slight whistling noise as if flew over Loafer’s head.” 131

From AF: The Time Paradox:
"This was a face that only a mother could love, and then perhaps only if her sight were failing." 112
"One moment he was in control, enjoying the smugness that comes with being the smartest person in the metaphorical room. The next he was crashing back to earth, having sacrificed his queen for a rook, realizing he was up against somebody just as smart as he was, only twice as ruthless [his younger self]." 216
"There were still people who deserved to be stolen from, or exposed, or dropped in the deep jungle with only flip-flops and a spoon." 355