Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Piper Kerman

"July dawned with a sour flavor. The entire Camp facility seemed to groan in the heat, overtaxed. The phones stopped working. The washing machines broke, a horror show. Suddenly all the hair dryers disappeared. Two hundred women, no phones, no washing machines, no hair dryers—it was like Lord of the Flies on estrogen. I sure as [heck]wasn’t going to be Piggy."
Orange Is the New Black (174)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Marc Gonsalves

I've been reading quite a bit of nonfiction lately, so I think I'll call this month "Non-fiction Month." Here's the first entry, from a book by three men who were, as the title suggests, held captive for quite some time:

"We were all a bit surprised that we’d taken such satisfaction in Rogelio’s [one of their captors] death. It disturbed me. . . . Perhaps some very small part of my soul died along with Rogelio. Perhaps his treatment of us had afflicted me in such a way that I’d lost some of my humanity. Perhaps I had to add my conscience to our casualty list."
Out of Captivity: Surviving 1,967 Days in the Colombian Jungle, 291